Canada is the largest producer and exporter of lentils in the world.

The most commonly grown lentils in Canada are the red lentil and green lentil

Lentils are legumes, seeds of a plant whose botanical name is Lens ensculenta. Lentils are high in protein and fibre and are low in saturated fat and sodium.


Lentil varieties may have a wide range of seed coat colours from green, red, speckled green, black and tan. The cotyledon color may be red, yellow or green.

Apart from Canada, we also procure lentils from Australia, Turkey, India,Myanmar, Ethiopia and Madagascar.

  • Laird lentil

  • Richlea lentil

  • Eston lentil

  • Whole red lentil

  • Split red lentil

  • Pinto Beans

  • Organic Red Kidney Beans

  • Black Eyed Beans